The Need for a Balance During Your School Life

The Need for a Balance During Your School Life

The need for a balance in a student’s life is a major stress factor in the student’s life. The pressure from parents and teachers, society, and themselves can lead to serious mental health problems among students. Here are some causes of lack of balance between studies and other aspects of life and techniques that help tackle these issues.

Causes of Lack of Balance between Studies and other Aspects of Life

Personal time management is of paramount importance. Lack of proper time management leads to late hours at night, skipping breakfast or lunch, hunger, sleep deprivation, and poor test performance. The lack of personal time management is often linked with a lack of social life, making it even more difficult to balance one’s life. It can also be caused by parental pressure that puts the student under stress and increases the workload without compensation.

Advanced study programs and courses and a desire to get the best grades possible can lead to an unhealthy amount of time spent studying. It can be further enforced by the modern mobile phone, keeping you connected to your teachers 24/7. You might also feel pressured by your friends and peers to spend more time studying, especially in smaller schools where every individual is expected to reach their full potential. Another cause for the lack of balance between studies and other aspects of life is social activities that are being cut out in favor of more studying.

Law of Diminishing Returns

It is important to keep in mind the “Law of Diminishing Returns.” This law states that the longer you study without rest, the less efficient your studying will be. After an extended period without rest, your study efficiency can turn negative and have a reverse effect on your performance. This is why it is important to get enough sleep and eat properly during these periods of excessive studying. Sleeping for 8-9h a night and eating healthy food can help you improve your studying performance and avoid losing excessive weight.

Understand your limits

Lack of understanding of your limits and inability to see them beforehand can lead to serious health issues and even psychological problems, such as sleep deprivation, low self-esteem, mental weariness, and depression. However, after getting a better understanding of your capabilities and limits, you can take control of the situation.

The importance of family support

Family support is a great way to manage stress and help the students push themselves further in their studies. Parents can be very useful in helping their children handle the stress of everyday life and school life and dealing with any issues that arise from it. Helping your children organize their time is also very important, as this will help them gain control of their schedule and develop healthy sleeping patterns.

Caring for yourself and your health

Taking care of yourself and your health is very important. Eat well and sleep the amount that you need. Eating balanced meals and sleeping a good amount of time can help you feel better and less stressed. Also, getting enough rest is crucial for having a healthy balance in school life. You should also make sure to exercise regularly; not only does it help you from getting fat (an easy way to become unhealthy). However, do not over-exercise, leading to exhaustion and even muscle damage.

Alternative activities for relaxation and counteracting the effects of stress on your body

Jogging or enjoying a walk is a great way to relax and clear your mind. Also, watching TV, reading, or playing video games are great ways of relieving stress. A great way to relax after studying can be listening to music.


Understand your limits and how much you need to study to get the best grades. Eat well and sleep, exercise and rest. Be aware of all the responsibilities you have in life, including studying.

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