Are you searching for a resource to guide you through the powerful world of statistics? Are you looking for a short introduction to statistics or an extensive list of terminology that can help you better understand statistical language? We have compiled different statistics and statistical phrases that will help you better communicate with those who work in the field. Statistics terms: Type 1 Error: The False Positive This error occurs when the researcher concludes that a relationship exists between two variables when in reality it doesn’t. This error is also known as a type I error or significance test. Type 2 Error: The False NegativeRead More →

The need for a balance in a student’s life is a major stress factor in the student’s life. The pressure from parents and teachers, society, and themselves can lead to serious mental health problems among students. Here are some causes of lack of balance between studies and other aspects of life and techniques that help tackle these issues. Causes of Lack of Balance between Studies and other Aspects of Life Personal time management is of paramount importance. Lack of proper time management leads to late hours at night, skipping breakfast or lunch, hunger, sleep deprivation, and poor test performance. The lack of personal time managementRead More →

One of the core aspects of education is motivation. How to motivate yourself to study has long been a question that many people ask. However, when we get into the habit of studying and working hard in school, results will come. Will it be easy? No, but it will happen. If you work hard and study regularly, good results will start to come your way. It’s impossible to motivate yourself if you don’t define a goal. So why do your parents force you to get certain grades when they know that it’s not the right thing for you? They expect you to be in aRead More →

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